Who is Series Media?

The Series Media story starts with building a sports business, which is like preparing an athlete for competition.

We are a digital marketing Agency

You also need a successful manager for an athlete’s success. You must have proper planning and management in place. As two business owners, we started our story with creating a management agency for our sport businesses. We have a track record of success in our respective fields.

Ralph is an expert in sports and business, and Tania is an expert in business and sports. We went through the same company growing pains as you. We have spent our entire lives around sports, learning from our mistakes and enjoying our victories. Whether it’s in sports, business, or everyday life.

We now know what it takes to grow a company. It all begins with building a brand identity and ensuring that it grows and is nurtured.

It is only natural that we form an unstoppable force. Our story begins with the sole purpose of assisting athletes and sports businesses in growing through the 6-step series. That is why we call ourselves Series Media.

what makes us different

The Business Model


To deliver the best value, we adjust for each customer, reaching into our Series Media toolbox.

To put our knowledge, wisdom, and imagination to good use to help businesses succeed.

To create meaningful products.

To produce marketing strategies that look fantastic and produce tangible results

Business Model

Series Media has developed a 6-step series that is always a winning formula for any company. We provide our services with the experience of working in the sports industry. Also knowing what it takes to market a successful company as ex pro athletes and professionals.

What makes us unique?

We went through the process of entrusting our marketing to larger agencies. We discovered that they didn’t investigate each project thoroughly. We know what sports teams, professionals, and schools need to succeed. We will also know what you need by digging deeper into your businesses. 

The Secret

Here’s something most other companies won’t share with you.
The answer to the question, what do I need to market and brand my business better?
Have a distinct personality suited to your target market. Keep the messaging and design consistent. Emphasizing the role, promise, and character at every touchpoint. Prove how your business brings value to the consumer. 


At Series Media, we are transparent in the way that we work and the services that we offer. Our expertise, guidance, and business model can elevate your business like no other.

Why Us?

  • We are experts in the field of sports marketing
  • Our passion is assisting athletes and sports businesses in their growth.
  • We concentrate on the development of small businesses
  • Our services are provided by ex-pro athletes and experts who have worked in the sports industry and know what it takes to be the best

get to know us

Series Media is its people

tania quaranta - founder

Tania is a lawyer and a business owner. Tania has a strong track record of forming strategic alliances to promote key business initiatives. She specialises in Digital marketing, market growth, Operational management, and corporate administration. Tania has outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. Tania puts in the time and effort to achieve her goals, so no job is too large or too complex for her. Without fail, she always goes the extra mile.

Ralph Clarke - founder

As an ex-professional tennis player, Ralph has always been involved with sports from a young age. He is a person who pays attention and works hard to make things happen. He is an optimistic person and a positive individual. Ralph is a rational voice in an otherwise turbulent business world. He has the ability to turn chaos into opportunity. He is a sports expert as well as a business expert, and his leadership qualities make him a game-changer for any successful project.

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