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Mindset College tackles the very real problem of owning a top-class mental skills programme at an affordable price with answers to real mental issues you as athletes face daily. They give you cutting-edge, tried and tested tools used by elite athletes. The creator is, David Sammel, current coach of Olympians and Professional Tennis players and master of mental skills’ development.

During lockdown, our client started to write down his knowledge in mental skills and with his collaborators decided to start an online course so that any athlete and coach could access his knowledge

The Story of the birth of Mindset College

David Sammel, said to me:

Tania I have created over 30 years of content and I want to create an online course. This course would be so that Tennis Players can discover my unique approach to a Tennis mindset. It is a cutting edge programme. Can you build me an online course where Tennis Players and Coaches can have 24/7 help in terms of Sports Mindset.

Our Challenge

How To Plan and build An Online Course

Our challenge was to help Mindset College build an online course from scratch. They only had word documents with content, and they needed a way to turn that content into an interactive and engaging online learning experience.


Our company, Series Media, specializes in digital marketing for sport businesses, so we knew that we could help Mindset College create a unique and engaging tennis course but we needed a plan.

The Approach

Tips For Planning and Building An Online Course

To build an online course from scratch, it is essential to follow best practices in course design. Here are some of the key steps we took to ensure the success of Mindset College UK’s online tennis course:


  1. Define the learning objectives: The first step in building an online course is to define the learning objectives. This involves identifying the key skills and knowledge that students need to acquire and outlining the specific outcomes that will be achieved by the end of the course. In this case, the objective was to teach students the fundamentals of the sport of tennis, including proper technique and strategies.

  2. Organize the content: Once the learning objectives have been defined, the next step is to organize the content. This involves breaking down the content into manageable chunks and creating a logical structure for the course. This can be done by using a variety of tools, such as mind maps, outlines, and storyboards. We used these tools to create a course that was easy to follow and understand for students of all skill levels.

  3. Create engaging multimedia: To make an online course more engaging, it is important to use a variety of multimedia elements, such as videos, images, and audio. We used a combination of live-action and animated videos to demonstrate proper technique and strategies, as well as images and diagrams to help students understand the concepts being taught.

  4. Use interactive elements: To keep students engaged, it is important to use interactive elements, such as quizzes, polls, and discussions. We integrated interactive quizzes and polls throughout the course to help students test their understanding of the material and engage with their peers.

  5. Test and Evaluate: Before launching the course, it is essential to test and evaluate it to ensure that it is functioning as expected. We piloted the course with a small group of students and gathered feedback on how it can be improved. We used this feedback to make final adjustments and fine-tune the course before making it available to the public.

We built an Online Course that helps you understand how your mind works

The result was a well-organized, engaging, and interactive online course that was highly successful in helping students develop the skills and mindset necessary for success in the sport of tennis. The course was able to attract a large number of students and received positive feedback from both students and instructors. The course was also able to increase student retention and engagement, which led to higher completion rates and better student outcomes.


Overall, the project was a great success, and Mindset College was able to achieve its goal of empowering Tennis Players and Coaches with the knowledge and tools they need to improve their Mindset when playing tennis.


The use of best practices in building the online course was critical in achieving this success, and our expertise in digital marketing for sport businesses helped to make Mindset College an online course that helped many athletes become confident and effective.


*Mindset College is an ongoing Project, with creative and design, Marketing, Content Management and CRM.

Feedback from the client

Series Media did an outstanding job building our online course, website, Lead Creations and producing our latest campaign. The results are jaw-dropping! A truly phenomenal team of experts.”

David Sammel (Mindset College)




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