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R2R Tennis

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R2R Tennis’ Directors collaborated with Series Media to bring their brand into the future. It was outdated and their whole Digital presence needed an upgrade.

The Story of making your brand current

R2R Tennis hosts tennis lessons for various demographic groups in the counties of Rutland, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, and Northamptonshire. In order to train individuals, the company provides facilities such as tennis clubs and coaching teams. Furthermore, different types of tennis lessons are available for various age groups and skill levels. The company also offers professional restringing services for the players’ rackets. With all of these services, the company intended to broaden its offerings and increase customer awareness in order to gain a larger share of the market.

Our Challenge

Hurdles that were in our way:

The focus was to rebrand the company and design a new website that is attractive for the customers and, at the same time, has a user-friendly interface in order to provide ease to the visitors. Moreover, in order to increase customer traffic, social media presence needed to be improved significantly. In the process of doing so, there were a number of challenges that were faced.

  • The first challenge that came into the way of rebranding was the very basic, which was to not disrupt the original identity of the company and develop a new face of it.
  • In order to create a new identity that would benefit the company and the customers is very important, and therefore it is easy to get away from the core values and the original mission of the company during the rebranding process.
  • Therefore, it was a major challenge that needed to be focused on in order to create a new identity that wouldn’t only attract customers but also focus on the originality of the company.
  • For the creation of the new website for the company, a major challenge was to create a layout that was engaging for the visitors and easy to follow, which provided the details of what the company was doing and how it will benefit them.


Moreover, for the social media presence, it is very tough to find the right platform that will attract the right people and will provide more benefits as compared to the other platform.

above shows how the logo for R2R Tennis has changed throughout the years.

The Approach

The impact we created:

In order to overcome these challenges, there were the best practices chosen in order to give the best result for the company rebranding.


  • The first thing that was done for effective rebranding was to align the rebranding with the business strategy of the company. Since the company was focused on providing services to new and existing tennis players with the services like lessons, camps, and restringing, the purpose of the rebranding was to introduce these services to the customers more effectively. Therefore rebranding was made more effective by tying it with the business strategy.

  • Then creating and logo that grabbed attention, made a strong first impression, was the foundation of your brand identity, was memorable, separated them from competition, fostered brand loyalty, and was excepted by their clients.

  • Moreover, in order to make the website attractive, the interface was made with the latest graphics and in a format that would provide the visitors more easy access to the services of the company. The website isn’t crowded with unnecessary information or irrelevant graphics, yet a very right balance of information and attractive images have provided the website with a very engaging design. In order to deal with the challenge of the social media presence, the choice of the platforms was made with the help of analysis of the traffic and population that is visiting these platforms.

  • Since more customers were present on Facebook and Instagram therefore, these two were chosen to be the primary social media platform for the social media marketing of the company.

We created a Modern brand that is growing in popularity

The result of these strategies was the clear rebranding that allowed the existing customers to have an enhanced experience as compared to the earlier times.


With that, new customers had an experience of the brand that had a mature identity with clear goals and services for them and how it will benefit them. It also provided the employees with the touch points in the overall reasons of the company to which they can connect and have a purpose to stay with the company. It also provided clarity to the company to identify what was the competitive advantage it had over the other service providers. In this way, the customers were able to compare and decide between the company and the competitors. In this way, they were given a reason to choose the company over any other company. As a result, it enhances the confidence of the company as a small business operating in the market.


With the help of a new website that was developed for the company, there was an established proof of identity of the company in the digital world. It is able to communicate with the customers without getting engaged in two-way communication and let the customers know what the company serves and what values it will provide to them. Not only for the existing customers, but it is also able to enhance the experience of the new customers since they are able to know about the initial information of the company and know what they are looking for and how the company will satisfy them.


As a result, a connection and confidence are built with these customers. In this way, potential customers can turn into recurring customers as he/she knows where to look for the information when required. It was a major part of the rebranding strategy as it provided support for the brand in developing the leads for the customers. Communication of the values, services, and how to reach the company enhances the traffic of the customers.


The same was the result of choosing the right social media platform. With the help of the most relevant and potential platform for the company, it was easier to increase the social media presence as it engages more customers and enhances the traffic. There are around 2k followers ,and Growing,  at the moment on Instagram with engaging content, which can help the company to increase customer traffic and connectivity with the company through these social media platforms.


Traffic generated from the right social media will directly go to the website, turning them into purchasing Clients.

*R2R Tennis is an ongoing Project, with creative and design, Marketing, Social Media Management, Content Management and CRM.


Feedback from the client

Talk about a full-service experience. Series Media was a professional partner from day one. They understood our company’s vision and led an amazing rebranding project for us.

Richard Wilson (R2R Tennis)




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